Bart Vander Sanden

A small blog about the stuff I do


About me

I’m a freelancer, working mostly on online stuff (like designing and developing websites). I started my career as a graphic designer, but I’ve been creating websites since I was a kid back in 1998, which I kept doing on the side. I quit my day job in 2015 to focus on creating stuff for the web.

I’m also an avid photographer, and I used to take concert photos for Indiestyle and Les Nuits Botanique from 2011 till 2015. You can find a part of my archive over here.

About this website

This is my personal blog with my personal opinions. I’ll write about lots of things, but mostly about stuff related to technology, photography and daily life. This site runs on Jekyll, a static site generator. I mostly work with Wordpress for my clients, but I’ve always wanted to try Jekyll.