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Concert photos: everything’s uploaded!

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

I finally got around adding all my concert photos to the website, resulting in a collection of about 4.000 pictures of 449 bands, taken over the course of 5 years.

(The man in the picture on top is, of course, Nick Cave, performing at Rock Werchter a few years ago)

Linked: Using A Static Site Generator At Scale: Lessons Learned

Here’s an interesting article by Stefan Baumgartner on using Jekyll for larger sites. I’ve noticed myself that the build time for this (Jekyll based) website takes a lot longer with a large number of posts.

Generating this website with just the blog takes a few milliseconds, but when I add my concert photo galleries it bumps up to 6 seconds. Still fast enough, but I can imagine this becoming a problem at a larger scale.

His solution (splitting up the different parts of the website) is interesting, simple, and very effective.

Adding my concert photos to the website

I’m currently in the process of adding my archive of concert photos to this website. If you spot a mistake (pics not loading, wrong pictures in the wrong gallery, …), let me know! I’m planning to get them all uploaded by the end of the upcoming week.

Brussels Airlines - Magritte

Poster of SN Magritte - Brussels Airlines © Thomas De Louker

A few months ago I was asked to design a new poster at Brussels Airport for the Magritte plane of Brussels Airlines. It was nice to work with this special plane again, as I also worked on its design a few months prior (with Thomas Dieu and Thomas De Louker).

Reveal of SN Magritte - Brussels Airlines © Bart Vander Sanden

(First photo by Thomas De Louker)


Mint plants in our garden

We tend to use a lot of mint at home (mojito’s and Thai beef salads are the best), so we have a lot of those plants in our garden. The warm summer weather is treating them very nicely at the moment.

Trying to get back into blogging

For years I’ve been trying to start a blog. Previously, my blogs where always about one subject (concert photography, web design, …), but this always felt restrictive to me. I’m the kind of person that’s always busy with 500 things at a time (to a fault), so I think it’s better for myself to just start writing down what comes up in my mind. Let’s see if this goes somewhere.